As we stepped into the 2020s, several vintage hair style and color trends have made a comeback. The ’70s mullet gained immense popularity, and the iconic bandana trend from the ’90s reemerged in the fashion scene after almost 30 years. Now that we have entered 2024, it’s time to embody the sentiment of “new year, new me.”

While trends may evolve rapidly, you can achieve a fresh and fashionable look by embracing those that suit your style. Let’s explore the latest and most stylish haircuts and colors of 2024 together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the inspiration you need to change your style.

Haircut Trends of 2024

Mixie Cut: The Mixie cut, which can be defined as a blend of pixie and mullet styles, is set to be a favorite for short-hair lovers. It’s an edgy cut that’s perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. In the Mixie model, the front of the hair is shorter, while the back and lower portions are kept longer.

Curly Bob: Another trendy haircut that is for short-hair lovers is Curly Bob. With the hair length falling between the earlobe and chin, this cut aims to highlight the natural beauty and volume of curly hair.

Wavy Blunt Bob: The wavy bob, as worn by today’s A-list celebrities like Margot Robbie and Hailey Bieber, stands out with its natural and tousled curls. Notably, unlike many other popular layered styles, it stands out for its straight cut.

Jellyfish Cut: The jellyfish haircut, a late 2023 trend, seems to maintain its popularity into 2024, too. Characterized by a short, blunt bob on top and cascading long layers below, this style draws its name from the resemblance to a jellyfish’s shape.

Hair Color Trends of 2024

Milky Blonde: Pale, cool-toned shades of blonde are preferred by famous names such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. This hair color, which has cold undertones, imparts a soft, creamy, and luxurious look.

Red and Copper Tones: The recent abrupt shift from dark tones to red and copper hues by celebrities like Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski took the internet. In 2024, these tones appear to be an excellent choice, particularly for those who seek a natural and vibrant appearance.

Expensive Brunette: Seamlessly blending opulence with elegance and a natural aesthetic, the “quiet luxury” trend has become so popular on the internet. The expensive brunette hair color also stands out as one of the prominent choices for those who seek an elegant and luxurious look through darker and more natural hair colors.