Everyone wants their hair to be all healthy and strong. However, while some don’t really bother much about it, some people strive for a more appealing look by using different products or following special routines. Maybe you fall into the second category. But here’s the thing—even if you believe you’re giving your hair the care it needs, some things you’re doing might actually be damaging your hair. Let’s explore the common myths about haircare.

Frequent Trims Make Hair Grow Faster

Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about hair growth is that your hair grows faster when you get it trimmed regularly. However, although getting rid of those split ends gives your hair a more vibrant and healthier look, it does not magically speed up the growth process. Keep in mind that hair grows from the roots, so trimming the split ends will only help your hair grow healthier, not faster. For your hair to grow fast and healthily, you can prefer hair growth products. PSR Skincare’s Grow-Me-Locks hair growth formula is enriched with TB-500, a regenerating peptide, and fortified with Zinc and Thymulin. With regular use, you can help your hair to grow longer.

Dandruff Appears Only on Dry Scalps

Having a dry scalp has nothing to do with dandruff. On the contrary, dandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia, and it feeds on the sebum on your scalp. So, dandruff thrives best on an oily scalp, which means that people with oily scalps are more prone to suffer from it.

Sunlight Is an Efficient and Natural Way to Lighten Hair

While the right dose of sunlight may enhance your hair’s natural shine and lighten its color a bit, prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight causes damage to hair follicles, resulting in issues like breakage and dryness.

Washing Your Hair Everyday Causes Hair Loss

Washing your hair only helps you get rid of the hair that has already fallen out. Hair loss is associated with scalp problems and sometimes emotional stress rather than external factors like daily hair washing.

You Need to Comb Your Hair Frequently

Combing can be good for untangling and shaping your hair. However, doing this more than 3-4 times a day is not beneficial for your hair. Combing your hair too frequently can lead to breakage, and damage, and cause your hair to get oily quickly.